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Public Speaking Tips: How To Deliver
A Great Speech or Presentation

In survey after survey, when people are asked to list the thing they fear most in life, public speaking is the number one answer even above death and dreaded diseases.

But believe it or not, public speaking can be fun! The key is being prepared and confident in yourself and your material. Here are just a few tips that will help you relax and have fun the next time you speak publicly because you'll know you're prepared.

There is one final tip I want to share with you that will not only tremendously improve the quality of your public speaking skills, it will also help you accomplish each of the first six tips with ease. What is it?

Improving your vocabulary.

That's right! Having a greater reservoir of words at your disposal will help you to both prepare and deliver your speech with confidence. You won't need to read the speech word for word because you'll know a multitude of ways to convey your precise point. Knowing this will help you to relax, connect with your audience and deliver an entertaining and persuasive speech.

Need help developing that powerful public speaking vocabulary? Check out the resources below. They're not that expensive (one is even FREE) but they're the best available today.

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The Power Vocabulary Builder also uses visual and audio memory tricks that help you to store words in your permanent memory and lock them there forever, and gives you real-life usage examples so that you know exactly how to use these words in your speeches.

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Several studies revealed that Executives score higher on vocabulary tests than the employees that work under them. Look at the results of a vocabulary test given to employees at 39 Manufacturing Companies:

Company Position Vocabulary Score
Floor boss
236 Points
168 Points
140 Points
114 Points
86 Points

This study by the Johnson O'Conner Research Laboratory conclusively proved that vocabulary correlates with rank on the corporate ladder.

What this study means to you: If you want to achieve success and rise to the top of your career, in any field or industry, then you must acquire an Executive Level Vocabulary. Executives are the best public speakers and now you can be too!

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